E-Litter von Rittsteig

Date of birth: January 4th 2024.
Both parents are constantly hunting and impress with their pleasant nature in everyday life.

Tel.: +49 176 98811039

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Enzo von Rittsteig, solid liver

Ella von Rittsteig, solid liver

 Elly von Rittsteig, solid liver

Elsa von Rittsteig, liver and white

Etherna von Rittsteig, liver and white

von Rittsteig


Sire: Ferro KS vom Goldensberg (0921/19)


D1, S1, BTR, VBR, HN, VGP 1 308p DGStBNr:75201/1, HD A2, OCD-Free, FW:V1

Kleemann 2022 - FW:V4 Preis:KS
Nose: 4 Search: 4 Pointing: 4
Search behind live duck: 4 Search without duck: 4 Retrieve: 4
Obedience with game contact, gunfire steadiness: 4 Obedience without game contact and cooperation with handler: 4



Mother: Alba von Rittsteig (0869/19)


D1, S1, HN, VGP 3 282p DGStBNr: 75202/3,  HD A2, OCD-Free, FW:V4