F-Litter von Rittsteig

F-litter born on 22nd of May 2024

3 males and 7 females in all colors: Solid Liver,  Liver Ticked, Solid Black and Black Ticked

This is a repeated breeding of "D-Litter" von Rittsteig

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Sire: Birko von Rittsteig; Brschl., ZB 0844/20

D1, AZP 1, VGP 2; HN;   HD A2, OCD frei; sil.  FW SG, 65 cm height at the withers



Dam: Hetti vom Hege Hof, Schwarz, ZB 0680/19

D1, S1, VGP 1; HN, VBR; HD A2, OCD frei, sil, FW SG, 59 cm height at the withers