Unkas's Tests Score Sheets

Braun (liver), height: 64 cm

Derby 1 (3 x 4h), Derby 1 (1 x 4h) - Germany; Derby 1 - Austria
Solms 1 (2 x 4 h) - Germany; Solms 1 - Austria
VGP 1 / 326 points (1x 4h) - Germany; Weltverbands VGP 1 - Czech Republic; International VGP 2 - Austria
Dr. Kleemann Zuchtausleseprüfung (all 4, 1x 4 h), Fw: V - Austria 2016 - Passed and became KS
IKP 1 -  136 Points - Hungary 2017
Verbandsschweißprüfung Sw 1 - Germany
Zuchtzulassungsprüfung Austria Formwert V (Excellent) und Leistungsüberprüfung Sehr Gut (Very Good)
Formwert: V1 (1st Excellent) - Bayerischer Kurzhaar Klub
HD A2 and billaterally OCD-free


Dr. Kleemann Zuchtausleseprüfung (all 4, 1x 4 h), Fw: V - Austria 2016 - Passed and became KS

Dog no. 58, Unkas vom Theelshof, handler: Thomas Unholzer

In the first search, Unkas showed us a somewhat broad search, but in the next three it was a fast, well-planned, guide-oriented search that was consistently rated as very good. The dog has a very good nose, it finds a hare in the first search and is obedient without the influence of the handler.  Since no game birds were found by the dog after the third search, we checked the pointing and the shooting calmness on a hare, which the dog points independently and does not follow on the shot. The dog also points two other hares independently. This means that all field marks are very good. During the water work, Unkas shows to be very manageable and searches through the reed belt to the right peninsula, the peninsula is also well searched. This makes searching without a duck very good. After starting on the live duck, the dog searches for the piece of reed assigned to it, pushes the duck onto the open water, where it cannot be shot because of the great distance. When the dog leaves the reed belt into the open water, the duck has already swum approx. 80 m to the other bank and has pressed itself there. Unkas works with his nose on the water swinging the swimming track and follows it over the whole body of water. On the opposite bank, he briefly follows the duck track ashore, then gets back in and pushes the duck back onto the water. Since a shot is not possible, the thrown duck is used for the test. The dog shows itself to be gunshot-proof and very good and clean in its performance. We rated the subject search with duck in deep reed water with 4h = excellent on the basis of the work described. Passed: KS

IKP 1 -  136 Points - Hungary 2017

Dog no. 46, Unkas KS vom Theelshof, handler: Thomas Unholzer,

This elegant brown male showed us from the beginning a wide-ranging search that was strongly influenced by the desire to find. Always in the hand of its handler, who had to do now and then so as not to let the dog search too widely. In the second search, the cooperation became significantly better. The male showed his very good nose several times, pulled up to cover and showed nice manners on running game. Finally the male points firmly in front of a hare. The running hare is acknowledged and the male is also obedient to the shot. He brings the laid-out piece of game birds without complaint. The water is happily and vehemently accepted. Here the male showed us his true passion. He searches the bank over a wide area on the waterfront, finally gets out to search the reed area with an onshore wind from the bank. He searches through the reeds with uncompromising rigor, quickly finds the duck and pushes it onto the water, where it can be shot in front of him. The male retrieves cleanly and correctly. Unfortunately, the quality of the water could not be given an excellent rating.